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If we don't do something for this planet right now, we will be in dire straits.

There is not much time and we have to find solutions for
the environmental pollution that we created due to our current lifestyles.
One may ask - What does Art have to do with it? Everything. Read more

Photo: Adinna





DCCCD 8th Sustainability Summit
Artist expositor
Richland Community College
Dallas, TX
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Acqua Canalis Factorem was selected for Hecho en Dallas 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 2018, 6-8pm
Nov 16, 2018 - Jan 5, 2019
2600 Live Oak Street Dallas, TX 75204

2018 Artworks

2017 Artworks

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Fictional Factories, they create things - or beings - in an assembly line, ready to go: Nature, Time, Robots, Colors, Youth & Thoughts.

Devices... or Makers - Everything can be done with them
Factorem Somniorum, Factorem Opposita, Rahu Kalum Calculator, Aqua Canalis Factorem, Factorem Silentium and Factorem Cavae

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Do you have a 3D project in mind? I can help you!


Texas Sculpture Association

Our planet needs our care

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