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The use of found objects is the main focus in my creations.

We live in a society that discards everything without thinking where those things came from or what damage this does to our environment.
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Visit my studio @ Addison Circle Art Center
15520 Quorum Dr.,
Addison TX, 75001


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Found in Dallas Art Exhibit
Dallas City Performance Hall Gallery

March 18-June 17
2520 Flora St.- Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214.671.1450


Stop... The Fishes Are Dying was selected to the Human Rights?#H20 International Art Exhibition
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti - Rovereto - Trento (Italia)
May 20-Sept 21 2017

Hope and Somewhere Else But Not Here were selected to Waging Peace! Art Exhibit
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
May 11-July 8, 2018


Woven Tale Press Magazine Vol 2,
p. 19, 43-48 - Views here:
Page 19, Page 42, Page 43

Most Recent

Japanese Candy Factory
Assemblage with found objects and repurposed materials
Size: 30x10x2in.

Fast Food Piano Assemblage with repurposed materials
Size: 16x20x1in

Assemblage sculpture with found objects and repurposed materials

Stop... The Fishes are Dying
Assemblage with repurposed materials
Size: 5x5x5in.

Assemblage sculpture with found objects and repurposed materials

Assemblage with found objects
Size: 15.5x19.5x3.5in


Factories & Devices Series

Fictional Factories, they create things - or beings - in an assembly line, ready to go: Nature, Time, Robots, Colors, Youth & Thoughts.

Everything can be done with the Devices, they are the Factorem - or Makers: Factorem Somniorum, Factorem Opposita, Rahu Kalum Calculator, Aqua Canalis Factorem, Factorem Silentium.

Texas Sculpture Association

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