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The use of found objects is the main focus in my creations.

We live in a society that discards everything without thinking where those things came from or what damage this does to our environment.

I have a dream that all we are going through right now will pass and our future will be better.

Just with creativity and jumping quantum leaps we will be able to fix our future.

The message in my art is to imagine other solutions reusing what we have, recycling our trash and giving Mother Earth a break.

In this way, I believe that we artists can make a difference.

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Visit my new studio @ the Addison Circle

15520 Quorum Dr.,
Addison TX, 75001

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Random Sample: online literary journal
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9=One is being displayed at Human Rights?#Diversity
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Colle di Miravalle, Rovereto
Trento - Italy
May 21-Sept 21 2016
Project organized & curated by Roberto Ronca, Spazio Tempo Arte - Italy

Memories from Atlantis, Metropolis & Artachian Matrix will be displayed @ Fantasy & Reality: an exhibit about Utopian & Distopian Worlds
Georgetown Art Center
816 South Main Street,
Georgetown, TX 78626
Opening: July 16th - thru Aug. 21st

Domum Agelus @11th Annual TAC Juried Membership Exhibit
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
300 Gendy St.
Fort Worth, TX - 76107
Opening: August 5th

Most recent:

Hunting in New York Series

Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Sizes: 6x8in, 5x7in

Officina de Juvenes

From Latin, Factory of Youth
Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Size: 20x27x8in

Officina Robotum

From Latin, Robots Factory
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and LED lights
Size: 16x14x9in

Domum Angelus

From Latin, Angel of the House
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and LED lights
Size: 12x7x7in

Magna Felis Sanctorum

From Latin, Big Cats Sanctuary
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and LED lights
The central dome with the cubs revolve around its own axis. The rest of the piece is still.

Factorem Opposita - Series Devices

A device which creates opposites, reversing spaces--the inside out.
An environment where the fishes are outside and the water is inside.
Everything may be possible...

Assemblage sculpture with found objects and repurposed materials.
LED lamp, the main part is a speaker cabinet supported by a subwoofer.
The piece revolves on its axis creating different side views.

Officina Colorum - Series Factories

From Latin, Factory of Colors
Where the colors are made?

Wall hanging assemblage sculpture with found objects
Size: 15x23x7in/38x58x18cm

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