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The use of found objects is the main focus in my creations.

We live in a society that discards everything without thinking where those things came from or what damage this does to our environment.

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Visit my new studio @ the Addison Circle

15520 Quorum Dr., Addison TX, 75001


Hunting in New York Series, Animal Cubes (top) and Hope will be displayed at Triplets - reborn

The Small Gallery
13331 Preston Rd, #2242
Dallas, TX - 75240

Sept 17-Nov 12

Participating in the 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale - WAS Biennale.
Open studio: Oct 3-31, Mon-Fri, 2-5PM

Magnus Frater, Tesla Tower and Mr. Cute Little Thing will be displayed at the RetroFuture Art Exhibit
Central Arts of Bedford
2816 Central, #140 - 76021 - Bedford, TX
Opening: Oct 15 thru Nov 4th

'May the Force be with you' will be displayed @ Art of the Guitar - Art Auction & Exhibition @ Kettle Art Gallery
2650 Main St, Dallas, Texas - 75226
October 22 at 7:00 pm.


Art Reveal Magazine
Random Sample: online literary journal
Les Femmes Folles - online journal supporting women in the Arts
365rtists/365Days Gallery & Artists Database


Texas Sculpture Association

Texas Art Coalition

Most recent comission

Wheel of Life

Wall hanging assemblage sculpture with found objects & repurposed materials.
Size: 34x14x4in.
Concept behind this piece

New artworks

Playing in a Spaceship Series

This series is not about animals cuteness but a exercise of imagination: They are living in a safe environment and doing their best: just being themselves. More...

Animal Cubes

Assemblage with found objects
Size: 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75in.

Tempus Officina

From Latin, Factory of Time

Do the clocks follow time, or do we just follow the clock and there is no time?

Wall hanging assemblage sculpture with found objects

The Robots Gang

The Robots are here!
Assemblage with found objects & repurposed materials
Several sizes

Hunting in New York Series

Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Sizes: 6x8in, 5x7in

Officina de Juvenes

From Latin, Factory of Youth
Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Size: 20x27x8in

Domum Angelus

From Latin, Angel of the House
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and LED lights
Size: 12x7x7in

2016 Artworks


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