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Gallery 3 - Assemblage Sculptures

Playing in a Spaceship series

Above: The VIP Travellers and the Commander-in-Chief - below: the Offsprings

This series is not about animals cuteness but a exercise of imagination -- They are living in a safe environment and doing their best: just being themselves.

Our world right now is poisoned with pesticides and chemicals threatening our environment.
People texting/talking while driving are hitting animals on the streets.
Everyday in the news we read about some animals in extinction—Some are leaving the Earth forever.

In our modern lifestyle we are forgetting the basic commandment: honor all living beings.

The VIP Travellers

[I Got You!] [Let's Play Together] [Let's Go Upstairs...] [Waiting for You] [A Visitor!]

The Offsprings

[The Orange Cat] [The Electric Sheep] [Jack the Rabbit] [The Smart Fox] [Ducks in a Cybernetic Pond]

The Commander-in-Chief

[The Commander and His Cat]

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