Assemblage Sculptures | 7

Title: Nemoland
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and repurposed materials
Size: 11x14x3in

In a sea full of Nemos everybody has a good time!

Based on pencils depicting the Pixar's Finding Nemo movie animation and a wooden box from Captain's Mistress strategy game, this piece took me one year to complete. I thought it was ready in a way but I didn't feel it was quite right. I kept looking at it for one more year. To me, this piece which meant to be playful was lifeless and dull.
I realized that what was missing was the metal element--Metal equals water.
See the old version here.

The artwork is also a collapsible box and it can be displayed in several different ways: sitting on a table, upright or closed.

The pencils are built with magnets at their top, easily detached from the box when needed.
The same for the sea horse (at the bottom)

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