Assemblage Sculptures | 1

Title: _Captain's_Log_02_2022

Assemblage sculpture with recycled and repurposed materials

The Earth was coming back to normal, after a long time.
The astronauts were getting in shape,
our ships were reaching the skies again,
the big cats were well, getting good care at their sanctuary,
and even the dinosaurs were getting fun riding their bikes!
The season were changing according to the plan… yes.

Until a wanna be emperor (the one who has no clothes)
decided to take a crazy turn and delete a country out from the world map.
“This country doesn’t exist, he said. Neither their people.”
Bombs, weapons, missiles were used.
Internet surveillance, media control, data hacking.

Shelling, sirenes, deaths & exile of people who lived over there.
Meanwhile the planet Earth was dealing with the end of pandemics
and space debris all around her!

In the end, they told me, an event similar to Deus-Ex-Machina
happened and everything was solved for the good.

I don’t know.
At that time I was already in another corner of the Universe…

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