Assemblage Sculptures | 2


Title: Imaginarium - Bianco Series

Assemblage with found objects

This artwork is a reflection on a simpler time in our lives when our friends were inanimate yet steadfast companions—those moments when our closest confidants were our toys, always ready to engage in conversation. It serves as an invitation for viewers to reminisce about the uncomplicated bonds we formed with these inanimate friends, a time when the complexities of adult relationships had not yet taken hold, and the simplicity of constant, reliable companionship prevailed.

The Bianco series is about bringing the past to life, weaving a narrative that transcends individual artworks by employing similar objects across various pieces. I aimed to extend beyond the boundaries of isolated creations, establishing a thematic connection that binds the stories embedded within each piece. Through the repetition of these objects, the series explores the aesthetic nuances of form and composition. The repetitive elements serve as a visual thread stitching together a tapestry of interconnected tales. Several of these objects were donated to me from friends and art colleagues,

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