Assemblages + Mixed Media | 2

Title: [The Veil of Maya]

Assemblage: acrylics on wood + hardware - 50% recycled.
Size: 13x20x9.5in /33x50x24cm

The Veil of Maya - or the Veil of Forgetfulness - is the veil that covers us - mankind -
when we come to live in this world. We start life oblivious of our soul's contracts with the Universe.
About this piece, see my comments

The Veil is bright and visible.

To go to the other side
one has to cross the gate either by death or,
if one wants to do it alive - through knowledge and awareness.

The bottom part is
the material density - the war, deaths, ill feelings and other things that makes us forget that we all live in a illusion.

The metallic post connects the Earth to the Universe.

The round opening on the top part is the connection to the Source and once there, there are no limits…




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