Assemblages + Mixed Media | 2

Title: [The Wedding]
This piece was created thinking about Theater, featuring a fictional play called 'The Wedding'.
It is about 15 minutes to curtain, the actors are being prepared, testing their positions, the theater crew are working on the backstage-- just shadows behind the red curtain.
Time is ever present: the top & bottom are linked.
What is the difference between a play & reality? Time.
A drama is presented within a certain amount of time: between one 1 or 2 hours a whole story is viewed by the audience. When the 15 minutes break comes or the play ends, we are back to our reality.

Mixed media, assemblage. Made 75% with found objects
Size: 15.5x12.5x4.5in / 39.4x31.7x11.4cm


If we look through another angle, the couple are actors in their own play. And they are real people in a wedding--Love is in the air!

What we see on the backstage are the Universe's Mechanics, atracting & manifesting in reality what was already conceived by thought & feelings.

There are no bad shadows--just Energy becoming Matter.

The gren/blue background is the Veil of Maya, the Veil of Forgetfulness making us to forget that we are all in a play.

Time is on the top and bottom. We are tied up to certain amount of Time living this Life--Is our Reality really Real?

©2013 Roberta Masciarelli. All rights reserved