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Title: [Artachian Matrix] - Series White

This artwork is a tribute to the Brazilian architect Artacho Jurado (1907 - 1983) whose creativity always kept me awed and inspired. He dared to mix styles, textures & colors in a manner that was very much his own.
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Wall hanging assemblage sculpture with found objects and repurposed materials.
Size: 15x15x6in

Joao Artacho Jurado (1907 - 1983) was an architect and entrepreneur in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He was responsible for the construction of several residential buildings in the city of Sao Paulo, mostly in the neighborhood of Higienopolis.
He started working in the 30s and its productions were prevalent in the 40's and 50's.
His architecture reflects the postwar Hollywood's dreams - mixing styles such as Modern, Art Nouveau, Deco and Classic. The high rise buildings were designed with a range of services and leisure facilities: swimming pool, terrace with a rooftop bar...


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