Assemblage Sculptures | 10

Title: [Legatum] - Series White
Legatum means 'legacy', from Latin

Wall hanging assemblage sculpture with recycled plastic & metal hardware within a MDF board
Size: 11x19x2in

Legatum - Legacy - this is about what we are leaving behind for the next generation due to the fact that we were able to create our present reality but not able to solve the associated challenges - such as plastics, technology (with a never-ending plastic demand) and the "surveillance" that comes with embracing technology.

Here is the Legatum man - or ourselves - in the world that we are living in right now.
He is saying 'Amen' to all the technology he can have without questioning.

But the technology has hooks (at left) demanding consumerism, creating more accessories  - which are made also by plastic.
In the image below:
Technology Angel
carries all the plugins and Apps which we can get

On the other side, all these technology comforts have their own pitfall: our privacy being under surveillance.
Everything that we do or what we/intend to buy is transparent. Somebody knows - outside there - besides ourselves.

We are tracked by websites, by services, by Google, by Apple or whatever.

We are living "healthy", drinking water from plastic bottles, eating our food from plastic containers and throwing everything into the landfills and in turn, waiting that Mother Earth resolves our problem.

But we will need many generations of Einstein's  caliber or equivalent to come and help us.

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