Assemblage Sculptures | 3

Title: Blind Ears & Deaf Eyes - A Tribute to Our Current Times 

Assemblage sculpture with electronic waste and other recycled materials

I have no words / just words from others
I have no thoughts / just thoughts from others
My view is distorted and I distort the view of others
No words…
No thoughts…

The artwork was built primarily using 2 pieces of cardboard molded pulp packaging pieces which came from
an electronic device and had a nice shape.
It took a long time to create; difficult - and most of it - due to the reality (and damage) which social media
is creating in everybody’s lives.

Misinformation, distrust, distortion of views permeate the spaces of our minds.
This is the new normal but it isn’t normal.

And this artwork is about my voice - listening to the little voice inside myself - saying “No, no way”

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