Assemblage Sculptures | 3

Title: Ignis Terminatorix - (Fire Terminator) 

This piece was created while I was ‘digesting’ and trying to understand the fires and destruction that is happening taking place in this planet.
Fire definitely is not my element and I don’t feel comfortable with it, period.

The burning fires in the forests took me out of balance, just thinking about the loss that everybody is facing and the devastation of Nature. This creation came to understand and transcend what I can’t change.

It was not easy. Working with plastics has its own challenges.

The black part - the support - is a part of a Bose audio system, the orange mold came inside an IKEA toolbox, the yellow shapes are from Wixela asthma inhaler. Buttons, beads and a monitor support on the back, as the umbrella. I can say that it was fun to create a colorful piece but at same time it wasn’t.
It hurts. 

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