Assemblage Sculptures | 3

Title: Respiratio (Breathing)
Assemblage sculpture with electronic waste and repurposed materials

This piece This piece has a long story.  Read more at the bottom


I started the creation in April 2020. We were in the midst of COVID lockdown.

Myself, having asthma and being an Advair inhaler user, I was closely paying attention to what was happening.
So thinking about breathing related issues, I used the internal mechanism parts of Advair Diskus.

Then May came and George Floyd happened. Breathing became a human rights issue— ‘I can’t breathe’ had left a strong impression on myself.
I was overwhelmed and gave up.

I left the piece hanging on my wall until last Feb when the flood hit my studio. It was damaged, broken and rusty as the result.
Maybe the water has healed all the issues hovering over this art.

Nevertheless I had to honor this unfinished business on my mind which was also, a universal agony spread on the unconscious collective: respirators + George Floyd.

And here it is, Respiratio.
I hope we all can breath better this year even after a rough start.

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